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Semester 2 Registrations Open - Mount Barker and Murray Bridge

Both our Mount Barker and Murray Bridge programs for Semester 2 have been getting lots of interest from new and current families! We are very busy getting out information and also taking confirmation of enrolments.

We are really excited already by the groups that we currently have and encourage you to get your enquiries and enrolments in as soon as possible, with groups hitting 70% capacity already.

We have lots of anticipation about meeting our new participants as we see their names and information coming in and it also so exciting to know that we will also be revisiting with many that already are a part of our "Buzz Family", having participated in a previous group.

For everyone that has confirmed your child or teens enrolment, we will be sending out registration form links to be completed, as well as dates and information for your program in the next couple of weeks!

Fill out our Registration or Enquiry Form on our Home Page.

So much excitement to grow our tribe!

Lauren, Jess and Oscar

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