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Our Team

Lauren Tydeman

Lauren's love for self development was ignited while working at a chiropractic clinic where she received training on self development, LOA and positive mindsets.​​

For the last 5 years she has been home full-time raising her 4 children. With a strong focus on learning more about parenting and raising happy and confident children, she maintains that her children have been her greatest teachers. Lauren has had to adapt her approaches to a child with special needs. While raising four very spirited and unique individuals, she has done a lot of work to understand their brain development and how to help them to become the best versions of their authentic selves.
Having a child with special needs has really helped Lauren understand the different ways of supporting young people, from all different approaches to find what works best for them.Lauren heard about Leading Change Experience's EAL program and knowing how working with animals plays a massive role in her teenage daughter's regulation and development, she was very excited to enrol her into her first program. The changes Lauren's daughter experienced over such a small amount of time was phenomenal and quickly seen by all family members, teachers, therapists and beyond. Working with Jess as a mentor, it furthered Lauren's daughter's development in all areas of her life, but mostly her confidence and social and emotional interactions.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and the developing of life skills incorporates so many of Lauren's passions and truly speaks to her core - helping kids of all abilities to find their true selves, working to their strengths, building a confident mind and life and giving them some time to just be in nature to calm their souls. Lauren is excited to work alongside Jess for the What's The Buzz? programs and she looks forward to working with you and your amazing kids.​​

Jess Keenan

Jess has been running life skills and self-leadership programs for 5 years at 'Leading Change Experiences'. She coaches young people, adults and professionals in the realm of leadership, interpersonal and relationship skill development.

First and foremost, Jess is mum to two girls and a step mum to her partner's daughter who is neurodivergent. 
Jess's love for human development stemmed from a young age when she was learning about mindset and self-leadership while studying the art of influential leadership with horses under a mentor in her teenage years. Learning how to be a confident and emotionally fit leader of our own lives with emotional intelligence  is one of Jess's highest values when it comes to navigating her own life's journey and supporting others on theirs. One of Jess and Lauren's trainers, Mark Le Messurier, aptly named his new book "Teaching values of being human". Jess identified early on that human values including learning how to develop social and emotional skills is deficient in our conventional education system and is often not discussed in the home. While research concludes that we can expect a 10% gain in academic achievement when working within an SEL framework, Jess is motivated by the fact that SEL benefits young peoples' lives by helping them develop 5 key areas of essential personal and social competencies including: self awareness; self-management; social awareness; relationship & empathetic skills; and effective decision making skills. The beautiful thing about SEL is that it teaches skills that can be learned and applied to all areas of life and are transferable between the home, school, employment and groups of people or social groups. ​ Supporting young people develop emotional and social skills, emotional intelligence and a healthy relationship with themselves and others important to Jess. She is passionate about helping our young people learn how to empower themselves as they navigate life's challenges with confidence, certainty, clarity, compassion, self awareness and an awareness of others and their environment. ​

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Oscar Tydeman

Introducing Oscar to our Team! Oscar has recently completed his What's The Buzz? training for all three age groups with Mark and Noni Le Messurier and will be joining our team in the New Year. 

 We are very excited to have a male mentor to help lead in our programs. Oscar has recently completed his Year 12 studies with very successful results after personally finding and incorporating many strategies to help support himself to concentrate and focus at school and while studying.

Oscar was one of the first students to complete the first What's The Buzz? Programs when the program was piloted at his school in the initial years of its creation. He enjoyed the program and gained lots of personal growth and confidence in his own areas of social and emotional development.

Oscar has spent the last few years supporting his younger sister and brother as a young carer. Oscar's ability to connect at any level with others, his patience and understanding of people at their core and to share the skills that he himself has worked on is going to be an amazing asset to our team. Welcome Oscar!

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